A day on the Wild Atlantic Way

On the way to the Atlantic Coast of Ireland On the way to the Atlantic Coast of Ireland ©Darren McLoughlin

I took a little trip to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way that runs along its west coast.

This is not a post about the Wild Atlantic Way in its entirety, for being around 2,500km in length that would make a better book than a post on this website. No, yesterday I took a trip to a section of the Wild Atlantic Way, which before social media we just used to call the coast - the west coast.

I stopped to admire the mountains, a lake between me and the peaks, between me and the lake - sheep. A wide open landscape bathed partially in sunlight, clouds obscuring most of the mountains. The sheep close by didn't seem too concerned with my presence and I have a feeling that I will return to this spot soon. I have taken many photography workshops to this area.

Through the mountains, the road dropped towards the ocean, a brief glimpse of which can be seen in this image as the road curves around and descends towards the rugged, ice-sculpted mass ahead of me.

Colour and waves on the Wild Atlantic Way in Dingle, west of Ireland


As I first arrived at my destination for the evening, the wind was blowing a little but it was warm. There were, unusually, two cars parked on the narrow laneway closest to the pebbly beach. There was just enough parking for me to stop and get my tripod out, the first car belonged to a family who were taking snaps of themselves at the beach. The second car belonged to tourists who stayed for about five minutes before reversing the whole way up the lane to get out again.

The clouds rolled at first were sympathetic, allowing enough light through to brighten up the sky and reflect in the Atlantic as well as on the wet sand but soon more and more cloud arrived until the sky was mostly just lines of grey, all of the pinks and blues disappeared.

Colour and waves on the Wild Atlantic Way in Dingle, west of Ireland

And then the scene that I hadn't witnessed before as on previous visits the tide was in, high water covering the craggy rocks in the middle distance. Tonight although the colour in the sky was subtle and soon faded, the rocks added an interest that caught my eye. Something closer than the distant islands, to fill that empty gap between the smooth pebbles in the foreground and the horizon. As a silhouette they add even something more to the image, don't you think?

Colour and waves on the Wild Atlantic Way in Dingle, west of Ireland


As I headed home I stopped for a seafood chowder, one of the best that I have had. As I was finishing my tea I overheard an interesting conversation between two people at a neighbouring seat, and then time to go home to edit the day's images and work on a project for a new client.

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