Sunshine in Freefall, Sunset Ireland

You never know what to expect as an outdoor photographer here in Ireland.

After a three day photography tour in the west of Ireland I was finishing up and heading home through the midlands and close to sunset I spotted a great stormy sky.

Despite being tired I just couldn't let it pass so I took the next motorway exit and travelled along three or four back roads to get to a height overlooking the surrounding landscape.

There was no view of the bright sunset portion of the sky but in this direction I stood, smelling the hedgerows and wet tarmac as the dramatic scene unfolded in front of me.

Until at one point sunshine looked as if it was literally pouring out of the thick cloud layer in the background.

I photographed the landscape for a while, finally finding a location that allowed me to get more of an angle onto the sunset and I felt revived from being in the open air, ready to travel onwards through Ireland's Ancient East.


Last modified on Monday, 22 May 2017 23:50

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